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Written by Stephanie

Founder and Creator of Trailwind Adventures. Stephanie currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa with her two cats.

January 10, 2022

The other day I was on a walk around my neighborhood when I saw a very nice Trek mountain bike tied up on someone’s deck.

I instantly thought why? Why not put that inside. For starters, someone is more likely to cut the cable and steal it considering it’s such a nice bike and two the elements of the outdoors are going to destroy this poor bike. 

I learned that the hard way back when I first started riding. I kept my bicycle outside under my apartment building steps that led to the apartment above mine. I thought it was fine there. Later when I noticed it started acting up I took it to a bicycle shop where they said you must keep this outside? I said, “ yeah under some steps.” They then proceeded to tell me they could tell because the rain and salt from on the steps corroded my bike. At this point, it was going to cost me more to fix the bike than the bike was worth. That’s when they told me if I wanted my bike to last a long time it’s best to keep it inside away from the elements of the outdoors. It would also save me a lot of money on fixes and repairs in the future. Needless to say, I had to get a new bike because of my lack of knowledge in storing a bicycle. 

So when I saw this Trek mountain bike sitting there on that deck. I thought no one told them the importance of keeping their bike inside. I understand if you live in a small place and can’t put it inside. Then I suggest you get something to cover it up like a tarp or a bicycle cover that is waterproof. This will be better than not having it covered up at all. 

Although your best situation will always be to bring it inside. Currently, my bikes are in my garage hanging on the wall with my Steadyracks. I have tried some other brands for bicycle storage but Steadyrack is by far my favorite brand.

So what makes Steadyracks so special? Well let me tell you. I have a very small one car garage and 3 different bicycles. It’s impossible to fit all three in my garage on a floor rack because I would have no room for my car. My goal was to be able to fit my car and bicycles all in my garage. I looked around on how to accomplish my goal and all the racks for the walls had the bicycles extending out which wouldn’t work. I needed something that went closer to the wall. I also couldn’t hoist them up to the ceiling because I don’t have enough clearance. 

Plus I never liked the idea of hoisting my bike up and down. Seems like too much work in my opinion. So when I stumbled upon Steadyrack I was excited because it had swivel technology that allowed my bikes to store close to my wall. Being able to put them in different positions was a huge plus for me.

I bought my first one 3 years ago to try it out and I fell in love. After that first purchase, I bought two more. I am considering buying a third as my sister sometimes leaves her bike at my house when she doesn’t want to haul it from her place to mine. Obviously, you know I love the swivel technology of the racks but what I also love is that they have racks for every type of bike. Most of the time racks are one size fits all. We all know that one-size-fits-all is a joke. I mean that never rings true. We need things that fit the item and Steadyrack does just that. If you have a fat bike, you can get a fat bike rack to fit those massive tires or if you have a bike with fenders you can get a rack that you won’t have to worry about removing or destroying your fenders. So if you are looking for a good quality bicycle storage rack for your wall my vote is on Steadyrack. 

Obviously, there are other ways to store your bicycles. I personally love the ones that people use in their houses that make the bicycle part of the decor. Like a piece of art. My concern is I never wash off my bicycle right after my rides so a lot of the time my bike is dirty. So doing something like this always makes me think how much work it would be to keep my bike clean all the time. But if that is something that floats your boat I say go for it.

My Pros

  • Fits all different kinds of bikes
  • Swivel/ Pivot Technology
  • Great for small spaces
  • Mounting is super easy
  • Don’t need to pick up bike if you mount it lower to the ground

My Cons

  • A bit expensive but I think it’s well worth it as it’s built well. 

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